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We collaborate with many professional service providers and associations to ensure that we can continue to offer you, our customers, the best value for money combined with a professional level of support and service. The following section provides more details about our partners.


Ripe NCC

We are a registered member of RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre), from whom we source IP addresses for provisioning to our own data centre and other colocation facilities, e.g. local to Karlsruhe.



In terms of throughput, DE-CIX is the world's largest Internet node. All of the major Internet providers and data centres exchange their data free of charge at DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main. We have a direct connection to the DE-CIX exchange point.


Level 3

Level 3 supplies us with high-speed IP transit. Level 3 operates one of the largest Internet networks in Western Europe, the USA and South Africa. Level 3 also maintains connectivity to key urban centres in Asia. We have redundant connectivity to the Level 3 network in Frankfurt am Main and Munich.


Core Backbone

Core Backbone is another IP transit provider. We also lease lines to key internet exchange points in Europe via Core Backbone.



N-IX is a regional Internet node based in Nuremberg. We are connected to N-IX and exchange traffic with other N-IX participants.


Denic eG

netcup is a member of DENIC eG. DENIC eG is responsible for managing all domains under the ".de" TLD. At DENIC, netcup GmbH is listed as a member with the DENIC-415 handle. Our membership means that we can offer customers especially attractive prices for .de domains. Another customer benefit is the fact our personnel have been trained by DENIC eG. We are happy to handle any and all customer queries concerning domain registration.



netcup is a EURid-accredited registrar. EURid is the Internet registry for domains with the ".eu" extension. As an accredited registrar, netcup can register .eu domains directly at the source and offer first-class support for .eu domain queries.

netcup is a registrar. is the Internet registry for domains with the extension ".at", "" and "". As an accredited registrar, netcup can register .at domains directly at the source and offer first-class support for .at domain queries.

SWITCH Registry

SWITCH Registry

netcup is listed as registrar in the SWITCH Registry. The organization as domain name registry, manages all domain names ending in .ch and .li in the global Domain Name System (DNS). SWITCH provides the services, this sovereign function entails, on behalf of the Swiss Confederation (Federal Office of Communications) and the Principality of Liechtenstein (Office for Communications).

eco Mitglied

eco member

Since 24 November 2011, netcup GmbH has been proud to count itself a member (no. 0997) of the "eco Association of the German Internet Industry".

eco positions itself as a competitor-neutral information clearing-house offering guidance in relation to the global online world and e-business. The Association's work focuses on highlighting trends, practical application areas and technological/sociological developments.

Our membership means that we can participate actively in political decision-making relevant to our business, develop mutual solutions and benefit from the exchange of knowledge among Association members.



Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of our most importent hardware suppliers. As service provider, we are Silver Partner of HPE. HPE-branded hardware offers superior levels of quality. We maintain our own spare parts depot directly on-site in our data centre. In addition, we can call on HPE's 24-hour replacement service for defective hardware for almost all of our components.


Dell Partner Direct

All the hardware we use is built solely from brand-name components that are designed for continuous operation. We deploy Dell-branded servers. As a company, Dell offers hardware featuring high-quality workmanship and carefully-coordinated hardware components.


Juniper Networks

Our routers and switches are made by Juniper. In the network segment, Juniper is known as a quality, high-performance hardware brand. All network components complement one another perfectly. This makes Juniper an ideal partner for meeting both our data centre requirements and those of our customers.

green Energy

Green Electricity

Further details of our green electricity can be found on the page Green electricity and energy.



We are a member of EuroCloud Deutschland_eco - the Association of the German Cloud Computing Industry. EuroCloud Deutschland_eco promotes the acceptance and demand-driven provisioning of cloud services within the German market. As a provider of cloud services, we view membership of the Association as essential.



Customers can also use PayPal to settle their invoices. Alongside PayPal, we also support bank transfer and (in Germany) direct debit mandates as payment methods.



CyberForum is a non-profit association with primary focus on the enhanced technology region of Karsruhe. Counting more than 1.000 members, it is the biggest regional active Hightech.Company.Network in Europe. Their business is aimed at companies in the IT and high tech industry. The community strongly engages itself in providing transparent insights and contructive ideas in the IT and innovation fields.

Due to our membership, we courd participate in numerous meetings, where we are able to exchange ideas with specialists in fields of science, technology and economics. The membership provides also a great access to high qualified specialists, who are able to enhance us in our development.

Read more about CyberForum e. V. here