netcup Data Centre

netcup GmbH operates its own data centre facilities in Nuremberg, Germany.

The following summarises the data centre's most important technical features.

Redundant, uninterruptible power supply

The data centre is equipped with a redundant power supply. This is also backed up by a UPS and a diesel-powered generator. Within the data centre, redundancy is pursued right down to the level of individual servers. Every rack is equipped with two self-contained bus bars, each of which is supplied with a 3 x 16 A power feed.


Redundant, uninterruptible network connectivity

netcup GmbH is a listed member of RIPE, the Regional Internet Registry for IP addresses in Europe. The AS197540 owned by netcup is redundantly routed to the data centre via multiple separate BGP uplinks. netcup is also represented at the world's largest internet exchange point, DE-CIX. Further details are available here: hardware and infrastructure.

The data centre is equipped with self-contained network cabinets, located at the greatest possible physical distance from one another. Each of these network cabinets houses a (Juniper-branded) router and the core switches. From these switches, each top-of-rack switch is connected to the network. This provides an excellent level of failover protection.

Netzwerk SchrankNetzwerk Top

Redundant air conditioning

Three independent air-conditioning units share the task of providing enough cooling power for data centre equipment. One unit can fail entirely without endangering data centre air conditioning. Each air-conditioning unit is connected to the redundant, uninterruptible power supply.

A "hot aisle/cold aisle" arrangement is used to deliberately route cooled air under server access flooring.

24/7 video surveillance

Apart from physical access control, the data centre is also subject to round-the-clock video surveillance. Any movement in the data centre triggers an incident at an independent security company. If anyone manages to gain unauthorised access to the data centre, security personnel can be on-site within a few minutes.


Stable, extra-deep, air-permeable racks

To ensure good air circulation and simplify cable trunking, we install extra-deep racks (120 cm) with perforated doors and specially fitted cable routing rails. Each rack has a rated load-bearing capacity of 1.5 tonnes.


Modern cable routing

Within the data centre itself, cabling uses a dual routing system. To avoid mains current induction in network cables and keep cables neat and tidy, all network cabling is routed above the racks. Power supply cables are then routed underneath the access flooring. Each cable route is mapped to a computerised system: this makes troubleshooting cable faults especially quick and effective.

Fire alarm system, targeted fire fighting

Smoke alarms in raised flooring and air conditioning units can detect fires very early on and trigger an alarm. The local fire brigade is familiar with the data centre layout and can target firefighting to avoid excessive damage from fire extinguishing materials.


On-site replacement hardware

At least one spare is available for immediate deployment from on-site stock for all systems operated by netcup. This enables an especially rapid response to outages.

If you require customised systems, you can ask netcup to assess whether replacement hardware can be kept in stock for your needs.

On-site personnel

Personnel are available on-site for handling activities within the data centre.

Average annual availability of at least 99.6%

Regardless of the product that you order from netcup, we guarantee a minimum average annual availability of 99.6% for all products that we offer. If you require an even greater level of reliability, we will be happy to provide you with a personal quotation. Our data centre, as detailed above, enables us to offer you an extremely high level of availability.