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Network Infrastructure and Hardware

Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure of netcup is completely integrated into the Anexia Backbone Europe. netcup customers benefit not only from a redundant infrastructure, but also from a strong network with 2 Tbps Edge Capacity and a free DDoS protection of 2 Tbps. With connections to carriers like Telia, NTT or the Deutsche Telekom, a 100G Peering-Port at DE-CIX and direct connections to different internet providers with more than 100 Gbps, the Backbone Europe offers a reliable infrastructure for all customers.

The network map shows all locations and connections of our infrastructure.

netcup network connections


IP Transit:

  • n*100G Telia
  • n*100G NTT

Public Peerings:

  • 100G AMS-IX Amsterdam
  • 100G DE-CIX Frankfurt
  • 40G Alpes Adria Internet eXchange
  • 20G Vienna Internet Exchange
  • 10G Nürnberg Internet Exchange
  • 10G SWISS-IX

Private Peerings:

  • n*10G Liberty Global
  • n*10G Google
  • n*10G Amazon
  • n*10G DTAG
  • n*10G Hetzner
  • n*10G Apple
  • n*10G Netflix

China Premium Peerings:

  • n*10G China Telecom
  • n*10G China Unicom
  • n*10G China Mobile International

Brand-Name Hardware

netcup only uses brand-name hardware from well-known suppliers. We use Dell- and HP-branded servers, our routers and switches are made by Juniper.

For all systems advertised in our online shop, we have replacement hardware available on-site at the data center. Accordingly, components can be swapped out within a matter of minutes. Master agreements with suppliers also secure us rapid-response support for all of the systems we deploy.

Do you have any other questions about our infrastructure? Just contact us via our contact form.