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Local Block Storage

  • Simple and cost-effective memory expansion
  • Scalable up to 8 TB depending on product
  • Fast expansion in the event of capacity bottlenecks
  • No tied runtimes
  • High performance in data backup
  • Scalable infrastructure
from 0.01€per month
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Local Block Storage

Local Block Storage offers every user a simple and cost-effective option for adding more disks to their virtual machine. The disks can be easily expanded at a later date with no runtime.

Local Block Storage is available for our products root server G9 and G9.5, VPS x86 from G10 (up to max. 8 TB) and VPS ARM64 G11 as well as root server G11 (up to max. 4 TB).

What is Local Block Storage?

Local Block Storage is a quick and easy way to expand storage in the event of capacity bottlenecks. Additional block storages in the form of disks and hard disks can simply be attached to the virtual machines. This form of technology is ideal for Virtual Servers and Root-Servers, which benefit from the higher speed of this storage method. The data is stored in blocks, with each block having a fixed size. Choose from 1 GB and up to a total of 8 TB storage requirements, depending on the product.

Many use cases find the right solution for storage upgrades with our Local Block Storage products. Buy the desired storage space online and benefit from the top prices.

Local Block Storage

Click here to go to the Local Block Storage FAQs.

Local Block Storage Price Calculator

0.01€ per month
1 TB = 1024 GB / Available for root servers G9 and G9.5, VPS x86 from G10 (max. 8 TB), VPS ARM64 G11 and root server G11 (max. 4 TB).
The price per GB is €0.0119. The total amount is rounded to the nearest cent.

How do I order more storage space?

  1. Open the Customer Control Panel (CCP) and log in with your login details.
  2. Navigate to the menu item "Products" and select the server for which you would like to order additional storage space.
  3. Click on the "Local Block Storage" tab. There you can select the desired size for your storage space and complete the order process

Advantages of Local Block Storage as data storage

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Choose from 1 GB and up to a total of 8 TB storage requirements, depending on the product from just €0.01 per month. This means that in addition to small setups, larger data scenarios can also be managed cost-effectively.

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More flexibility

You can configure your storage expansion individually, regardless of any runtime. This makes you independent in the event of performance peaks. The booked storage capacity is billed on a daily basis.

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If you need more storage capacity in the short or long term, you can scale up your applications at any time. The individual need for expandable storage options makes you more agile - perfect for any start-up!

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High performance

The security of high performance is guaranteed at all times, even with the addition of local block storage. Your applications run without any loss of performance with more storage capacity.

Use cases with Local Block Storage:

  • Backup

    Backups are essential in every data process. Backing up data can lead to higher storage requirements, which can be easily and efficiently covered by Local Block Storage for other virtual machines.
  • Databases

    Well-maintained databases, such as CRM systems, enjoy a constant increase in data, which is why the amount of data must be continuously expanded with more storage capacity.
  • Operating systems

    Growing operating systems require more storage capacity for their tasks, which is why local block storage is the ideal solution for expanding capacity.
  • Rapid provision of resources

    Local Block Storage enables the rapid provision of additional storage space in order to be able to react to unforeseen peaks in demand or exponentially growing data volumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is billing carried out if there is no fixed term?
Billing is based on the selected storage capacity and the days required. The storage capacity is billed on a daily basis.
Are there any file system limitations with Local Block Storage?
No, all file systems can be stored on our Local Block Storages.
Can VPS G10s and G11s also be expanded with storage space?
No, unfortunately this is not possible.
Is there a minimum volume of storage capacity for Local Block Storage at netcup?
No, you can customize your storage requirements from 1 GB. Our VPS ARM64 G11 and root server G11 products can be expanded up to a maximum of 4 TB, our Root-Server G9 and G9.5 and VPS x86 from G10 up to a maximum of 8 TB.
Is it possible to reduce the size of the disks?
No, this is not possible. If you wish to reduce your selected storage capacity, you must select a new, smaller storage unit, transfer the files from the existing unit to the new, smaller capacity size and then cancel the existing, larger storage unit.

My question is not listed here. Where can I find an answer?

You can find more answers in the Local-Block-Storage FAQ section in our Help Center.