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virtual Server (VPS)

  • A lot of compute power at the best price
  • Hourly-based billing possible
  • No minimum contract period possible
  • Expandable with additional storage
  • Generous selection of preconfigured Images
  • DDoS protection included
  • Remote management console, DVD drive, API
  • and much more...
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Rent a vServer at a reasonable price

vServer (VPS) tariffs are characterized by selectable resources such as CPU, RAM or SSD storage space. With the option of hourly billing, DDoS protection and preconfigured images, our vServers are versatile and offer the best price-performance ratio.

VPS 200 G10s
  • 2 vCores (x86)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 500 G10s
  • 4 vCores (x86)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 80 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 1000 G10
  • 6 vCores (x86)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 2000 G10
  • 8 vCore (x86)
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 320 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 3000 G10
  • 10 vCore (x86)
  • 18 GB RAM
  • 640 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 4000 G10
  • 12 vCore (x86)
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 960 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 6000 G10
  • 14 vCore (x86)
  • 36 GB RAM
  • 1536 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.
VPS 8000 G10
  • 18 vCore (x86)
  • 48 GB RAM
  • 2048 GB SSD (RAID10)
  • 80 TB Traffic
  • Remote-console etc.

Here you can find the vServer FAQs

Advantages of our vServer (VPS)

Based on a minimum contract term as adaptable as possible, our virtual servers (VPS) provide a lot of compute power at a favourable price. They are equipped with the same system like our root server. Only the dedicated CPU cores, the satisfaction guarantee and the very high guaranteed average annual minimum availability of at least 99.9% are not included in the VPS system. Instead, we guarantee the worldwide best price for this VPS system.

Local Block Storage

Local Block Storage with vServer

You get up to a total of 8 TB of storage with Local Block Storage technology. Choose the storage capacity you require, regardless of runtimes, and cover your need for new resources quickly and easily. Benefit from the flexible and cost-effective option to expand storage capacities at any time as required.

Local Block Storage Price Calculator

0.01€ per month
1 TB = 1024 GB / Available for root servers G9 and G9.5, VPS x86 G10 (max. 8 TB), VPS ARM64 G11 and root server G11 (max. 4 TB).
The price per GB is €0.0119. The total amount is rounded to the nearest cent.


Permanent low price

We offer you the best price for comparable performance of our VPS offers. If you find a comparable vServer at another provider cheaper, please contact our support before ordering. If the comparison is correct, we will discount our permanent low price by an unbeatable 10%. This is not limited to offers from Germany.

netcup SCP App

The netcup SCP app offers you the possibility to access your root servers, virtual servers and storages any time, anywhere. Besides statistics and protocols, the app provides a general overview and control of your servers. The netcup SCP app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Download now.
netcup SCP App

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Generation 10 VPSs differ from Generation 9?
The Generation 10 VPSs have more virtual cores and, for the most part, more SSD storage space than the VPSs of the previous generation. In addition, the included traffic has been increased to 80TB/month for all tariffs. Starting with the VPS 1000 tariff, it is possible to select the server location Nuremberg or Vienna at the time of ordering.

Due to the increasing demand for high performance and the possibility to select the server location ourselves, we decided to introduce the new VPS Generation 10.
What is the difference between the VPS Generation 10 and the Generation 10s?
With the VPS Generation 10s (s = small), the server location cannot be selected, but is fixed with the Nuremberg location. With the VPS Generation 10, the server location can be selected between Nuremberg, Vienna or with "no preference" when ordering.
Is it possible to upgrade from Generation 10s to a Generation 10 product?
In order to offer our very good price-performance ratio for our small VPS G10s tariffs, we have to plan our resources optimally and calculate them strictly. Therefore, the VPS G10s tariffs are located on special nodes, on which the resources for upgrades to G10 tariffs are not available.
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