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GeoTrust SSL Certificate

As the world's second-largest digital certificate issuer, GeoTrust offers a broad spectrum of certificate types. Certificates from GeoTrust are recognised by all popular web browsers. GeoTrust thus represents a low-cost alternative to Thawte. We offer GeoTrust domain- and organisation-validated certificates, as well as wildcard certificates. GeoTrust's SSL certificates with Extended Validation are particularly interesting, since we stock these certificates at a very attractive price.

GeoTrust DV SSL

DV SSL - 1 year
domain validated, 1 year term
DV SSL - 2 year
domain validated, 2 year term

GeoTrust product range

GeoTrust offers certificates using all popular forms of validation at an attractive price point.

DV SSL is a high quality domain-validated certificate. It is accepted by many browsers. Along with the certificate, GeoTrust also issues you with a seal that you can place on your website to increase visitor confidence. Certificates are issued in just a few minutes.

TrueBusinessID is a low-cost certificate that utilises the OV (organisation validation) authentication method. The certificate confirms that your domain is genuine while also validating the identity of your company.

GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV is a certificate that is issued once your company and domain name have both completed a stringent and detailed authentication process. This is indicated to your visitors by the green browser address bar. This generates a high level of trust for visitors to your website.

TrueBusinessID Wildcard secures all of your domain name's subdomains. Example: www.domain.tld, shop.domain.tld, blog.domain.tld, ... As a further seal of quality, it also confirms the identity of your company, thus generating trust among the visitors to your web presence.