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Customers who purchase a web hosting package, a root server system or a managed root server/managed dedicated server from us can add additional domains to their order at particularly attractive rates. Our domain services are listed below.

eurid As an accredited registrar, netcup can register .eu domains directly at the source and offer first-class support for .eu domain queries.


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generic TLDs Price Info
extra Domain .biz21,10 Euro per yearinfo.biz is the TLD for business, this means commercially active companies. But also private citizens can register those TLDs.
extra Domain .cat51,80 Euro per yearinfo.cat is a generic TLD, which was launched by Catalan community for themself.
extra Domain .com14,00 Euro per yearinfoAt the beginning the TLD .com stands for American companies and can be registered by anyone. com-domains are the most used TLD worldwide.
extra Domain .info19,60 Euro per yearinfo.info is for informaiton companies and can be registered by anyone.
extra Domain .mobi23,10 Euro per yearinfo.mobi TLDs are introduced for mobile units like mobile telephones and organiser. Such domains can be registered by anyone.
extra Domain .name14,00 Euro per yearinfoThis generic TLD was introduced for private citizens and families.
extra Domain .net18,00 Euro per yearinfo.net is derived from the word network, indicating it was originally intended for organisations involved in networking technologies, as well as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies.
extra Domain .org18,00 Euro per yearinfo.org is a TLD for non commercial organisations (non-profit organisations) and can be registered by anyone.
extra Domain .pro20,70 Euro per yearinfoMeanwhile, the TLD .pro is registerable for anyone and the professional credentials of potential registrants will be verify by Afilias
extra Domain .tel17,25 Euro per yearinfo"tel" is a shortcut for telephone. Therefore this TLD can be used for contact directories.
extra Domain .travel138,60 Euro per yearinfo.travel is a TLD for the travel and tourism sector, please note the registry policies.
extra Domain .xxx123,96 Euro per yearinfo.xxx is a sponsored TLD and directed to adult entertainment.

We handle over 450 top-level domains. If the top-level domain you want isn't listed, please contact our Support they will clarify whether we can offer your chosen domain extension.

Domain Transfer
You can move your domains to netcup from another provider (domain transfer). All domain transfers are free-of-charge (unless details of fees are given in the TLD product description). more information