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Quality-Assured Web Hosting

We aim to offer you low-cost web hosting without forgetting the importance of quality. Accordingly, we offer you a special quality guarantee for all of our Business and Reseller packages. The four basic pillars of this guarantee are described below.


No overloaded Hardware

We avoid overloading our servers with too many customer accounts. If our customers have the feeling that their scripts run faster at a different provider, they can simply provide a brief example of our failure to provide the required level of service and then terminate their contract without notice. Advance payments made for our services will be reimbursed.

Data Security

We guarantee that all customer data is stored exclusively on servers equipped with RAID-1 hard disk mirroring. If one hard disk fails, the other hard disk takes over, handling disk operations alone while the defective disk is replaced as quickly as possible. In addition, customer data is also backed up every week to a second server located in a different data centre.

data security


Average annual availability of 99.6%

Thanks to multiple network connectivity and especially high-quality server hardware, we can guarantee our customers an average annual availability of 99.6%. If independent testing reveals that we are unable to maintain this level of availability, you are given the option of terminating without notice. All services paid for in advance will be unconditionally refunded, including an one-time monthly charge for the web hosting package ordered. This guarantee availability does not apply in the event of force majeure.

Speedy Support

Our support team guarantees the rapid handling of any and all customer queries about our web hosting packages. Customers receive an answer after a maximum of 24 hours. Typically, queries are handled in under two hours.

We are also happy to arrange customer-specific service level agreements: please contact our Support for details.