Public Relations

netcup GmbH is fully aware of the social responsibilities it bears as a business in Germany. We benefit from the security and advantages of a welfare state, and wish to support this with our own resources.

For this reason, we use our products and services to sponsor non-profit organisations and projects. Where we believe a project is worthy of support and can identify with the project's mission, we provide project resources in accordance with our capabilities (web hosting, servers and domains, etc.). Our policy strictly prohibits cash donations.

Do you work for a charitable company or society and are looking for a hosting sponsor? If so, we would welcome a written application from your organisation. In your covering letter, please also state why you have picked our company.

Please note: we expressly do not offer support for gamer guilds/clans. We do not view these as serving a charitable interest and we believe that gamers should be prepared to spend a few pounds a month on their hobby.

We provide qualified technical training. We currently have the following vacancies for trainees: Training at netcup GmbH