Since its foundation in 2002, netcup has been able to develop into a stable partner for our customers and a major player in the market.

Today, our more than 400 employees manage over 200,000 customers: both private websites and servers as well as the infrastructure of commercial customers.

The more than 200,000 netcup customers use over 500,000 hosting products and manage over 400,000 domains. On average, a customer has three different instances hosted with us. The top sellers here are our web hosting products and our vServers.

To keep our customers happy, our systems provide huge amounts of computing power and send huge packets of data through our network. As of 2023, that's more than 1 EB (Exabyte) traffic per year.

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Partnerschaft netcup and Anexia

Our partner

In November 2016, netcup and Anexia sealed their partnership. The Austrian cloud service provider Anexia was founded in 2006 and specializes in high-quality cloud solutions and individual software development. With Anexia, we have a strong partner at our side:

  • Over 90 server locations worldwide
  • Direct connections of more than 100 Gbps to various Internet providers
  • 2 Tbps edge capacity
  • Annual very good credit rating by Creditreform
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As of November 2023