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About netcup

About netcup

As an internet service provider for companies and individuals, netcup GmbH now has an established base of soon 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide. The core competencies of netcup GmbH focus on the provisioning of web hosting accounts and services, plus complementary support in the form of management services.

Formed on 20 November 2008, netcup GmbH is the successor to Preuß und Werner GbR, originally formed on 1 January 2007. Prior to this, was run for five years as a sole proprietorship by Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Felix Preuß. Accordingly, netcup GmbH is a part of a longer-standing corporate tradition, which it will now continue to uphold into the future.

The netcup brand has stood for first-class quality from its earliest days. This quality has been substantiated by the many positive customer testimonials available on the web and by independent, certified testing. This level of quality has now being upheld for over seven years, thanks to strict adhe rence to the company's principles on the part of netcup's founders.


Simply put, quality is what customers want.

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Which is why netcup offers:

  • Well-qualified personnel - Our customer servers are supported only by employees with technical training or a technical degree.
  • Error-free products - If a fault nonetheless occurs, a solution is found as soon as possible.
  • Security - All products are designed to ensure system reliability and data security. You won't find any sluggish host systems or subpar Internet connections at netcup.
  • All products offer an extensive feature set, so as to accommodate a wide range of customer needs.
  • If the agreed level of performance is no longer sufficient and if technically feasible, every product is both scalable and extensible.
  • Support with a capital S. Customers are offered round-the-clock email support.
  • Attractive pricing. High quality also means keeping prices low - since no-one wants to pay too much for a product or service. The superlative value for money we offer at netcup means we are one of the market's most affordable Internet service providers.

Our regular communication with our customers enables us to maintain and improve the quality of netcup's products and services. Apart from our technicians, who have the job of maintaining netcup's infrastructure, all of our staff members are keen to see customer feedback being used as input for quality improvements.