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Managed Server

We offer you
  • Server fully managed by netcup
  • Custom software installs
  • 24/7 monitoring service
  • Simple administration
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All netcup.de managed servers and private managed servers are designed to meet the high standards of our customers. We provide our customers with high-quality hardware combined with proficient system management. Customers with one of our private or dedicated servers, can individually configure all services to meet the individual requirements, in accordance with the feasibility and security of the system. We will gladly advise you in detail in thhis matter. By the exact configuration of the hardware for individual customer needs, we ensure that overloaded, sluggish company websites are now a thing of the past. Our management service ensures that all servers are regularly supplied with the latest security patches and that all server services are working properly.



Our root server products allow the optimal use of hardware resources. If only moderate hardware performance is required, a managed private server can offer exactly the level of service that is currently required of customers. This saves money, without giving up the freedom of having your own server. Another advantage of a managed private server is the simple and on demand scalability of the server resources.

However, if you need unrestricted access to the full power of a server, our dedicated managed servers are the best solution. Our hardware components can be individually configured to meet your requirements.

Enjoy the freedom of having your own server while simultaneously benefiting from the know-how and Support provided by the netcup.de technicians.