Dedicated servers for professional applications

We offer you

  • DELL-branded hardware
  • custom configuration
  • redundant connectivity
  • remote management

Dedicated servers from netcup are designed for business-critical applications that require a high level of availability. These objectives are guaranteed by the systematic use of brand-name hardware and server location in our own data centre.

The server systems deployed use DELL-branded hardware. The individual components in these DELL systems are carefully coordinated with one another and offer redundancy wherever possible. DELL also offers a first-class support and replacement service in the event of customers experiencing hardware problems.

Data centre space at netcup's facility has been designed to prioritise reliability, offering both a redundant power supply and redundant network connectivity. Protection against power failure is also provided by a UPS and a diesel generator. Further details about our data centre are available here.

At netcup, we offer you flexible server solutions that can be tailored precisely to your requirements. Whatever your requirements ? from a single server to an entire server cluster ? please contact us to find out more.

All netcup PRO products and services are geared towards business customers. Customers are advised that only registered traders (Gewerbetreibender) are eligible to order these products.

To comply with legal requirements, all prices are inclusive of applicable VAT as levied in Germany. Please bear this in mind when comparing prices with netcup GmbH's competitors ? thank you!

Alongside our bespoke solutions, we also offer the following preconfigured server systems at especially attractive prices:


DELL R430 800

DELL R630 1K

DELL R630 2K

  Price / Details Price / Details Price / Details
Hardware DELL R430 DELL R630 DELL R630
CPUs 1x Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v4 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2680v4 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2680v4
RAM 64 GB DDR4 ECC up to 512 GB DDR4 up to 512 GB DDR4
HDDs 4x 4 TB 12G SAS 4x 960 GB SSD 4x 960 GB SSD
RAID PERC H730P 2 GB Cache PERC H730P 2 GB Cache PERC H730P 2 GB Cache
Remote management iDRAC8 Enterprise iDRAC8 Enterprise iDRAC8 Enterprise
Power supply units 2x 800 W 2x 800 W 2x 800 W
Replacement hardware in stock yes yes yes
24/7 Support yes yes yes
Uplink 1x 1 GBit/s 1x 1 Gbit/s 1x 1 Gbit/s