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We offer

  • colocation in highly redundant datacentre
  • redundant power supply
  • redundant network
  • Video surveillance

Secure a place for your own hardware in our data centre facilities and benefit from levels of availability and reliability that are in a class of their own. Our data centre features round-the-clock video surveillance and is equipped with a modern fire alarm system.

More information about the netcup GmbH data centre >

Based in Nuremberg, our data centre facilities offers space for over 1,600 servers. We offer additional colocation facilities in Frankfurt.

Regardless of whether you're renting a single unit or an entire rack, you'll always receive a redundant power/network connection.



All netcup PRO products and services are geared towards business customers. Customers are advised that only registered traders (Gewerbetreibender) are eligible to order these products.

To comply with legal requirements, all prices are inclusive of applicable VAT as levied in Germany. Please bear this in mind when comparing prices with netcup GmbH's competitors - thank you!

The following is a summary of our most popular colocation services.

  Basic services Redundancy (optional)
  Request offer
1 HE 11.90€ (incl. VAT) / month
100 W Flat
26€ (incl. VAT) / month 13€ (incl. VAT) / month
100 W Flat
24€ (incl. VAT) / month free
1 GBit/s
Switch port
11.90€ (incl. VAT) / month 7.90€ (incl. VAT..) / month
1 TB Traffic 17.85€ (incl. VAT) / TB
10 TB Traffic 119€ (incl. VAT) / month
50 TB Traffic 399€ (incl. VAT) / month
each server
59.50€ (incl. VAT)
IP addresses as required (RIPE)
IP subnet as required (RIPE)

We are happy to cater to bespoke orders on request. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.