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Details of our Root Servers

Details of our Root Servers

Our root server systems have made something of a name for themselves in terms of quality and reliability. We make this reliability a reality by offering a broad choice of guaranteed, flexible hardware resources with plenty of capacity, combined with the quality of a multiply-redundant connection and - last but not least - our Support.


Root Server System Hardware

The systems used to host our root servers are supported entirely in-house, i.e. we have not procured these hardware resources from a reseller. This means we can respond to incidents quickly, and can also offer purpose-built solutions at a reasonable price. The motherboards of our host systems are populated with powerful multicore AMD or Intel CPUs and fast DDR4 RAM. The SSD swap technology we have deployed ensures blisteringly fast access times to additional RAM. Our new generation of root server systems is hosted exclusively by HP-branded servers.

Root Server System Support

Our Support generally responds within a few minutes to incoming email enquiries. In the data centre, a technician from our Emergency Support team is also on call at weekends and on public holidays. We hold at least two spares of the same quality for all installed hardware, ensuring a rapid response even in the event of hardware failure.



Root Server System Software

Root server systems are supplied with a pre-installed LAMP stack and Froxlor. The system is supplied with the latest stable versions of software and has been checked by us for possible errors. A netcup root server therefore gives you a system that can be deployed immediately as a web server.

Root Access to a Root Server System

Since we provide root access, you can configure your root server to your exact needs. All software installation decisions are left to the customer, and all of the settings of the preconfigured LAMP stack can naturally be reconfigured to suit customer requirements. Confixx gives customers access to administrator mode, where they can create reseller accounts that can, in turn, create an unlimited number of customer accounts.


Control Panel

The Server Control Panel

The Server Control Panel (SCP) can be used to hard-reset the root server in the event of a problem. The SCP can also be used to browse traffic statistics or even install new systems at the click of a mouse button.

The SCP is also accessible via our netcup SCP app. Access your root servers, virtual servers and storages any time, anywhere. Download now on Google Play Store and App Store.

Available Operating Systems

We offer pre-configured operating systems for installation as images. In addition, we also offer a wide choice of installation CDs for selection in the SCP. Customers are also free to upload their own CD images and image-only files for later installation.



Also available: Managed Root Server

We also offer a managed root server service for customers lacking the time or experience necessary for independent system administration. This managed root server service can save customers a lot of time and worry. Details of our managed root server options are available here.

Harnessing the Power of Freedom
Before placing your order, we would ask you to consider that an unmanaged root server, while offering great flexibility, also shifts a huge burden of responsibility onto the customer. Regardless of the provider from which it is sourced, any unmanaged root server needs a systematic approach to data management, which itself requires good to very good Linux skills. An incorrectly configured and hence insecure root server is a major risk factor for potential losses. In the event of a loss, the system administrator bears clear liability - and the sysadmin for an unmanaged root server is the customer. As a responsible-minded business, we provide our customers with a clear-cut warning about this personal risk, although we are fully aware that other hosting companies exist who leave these risks unmentioned, so as to avoid losing potential custom.