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vServer for Resellers

Root Server Systems for Resellers

Many businesses have now deployed our root server systems. They are highly valued - and frequently recommended - for their superior level of performance, their feature set and, last but not least, their truly inexpensive pricing. You can use a search engine of your choice to browse positive reports about the root server systems offered by our company.

Our "Root Server for Resellers" product is designed to offer your company the opportunity of reselling our root server solutions under your own brand. You can use root server systems to expand your portfolio to include a product category currently enjoying growing demand from the market. The level of quality that you can sell on with one of our root server solutions will also enable you to acquire many satisfied customers.

As a reseller of our root server systems, you can concentrate fully on marketing your products and supporting your customers without needing to worry about the technology, its availability or its functionality. As infrastructure providers, we take the trouble to ensure that everything works just as your customers want it to.

To ensure that the root server solutions you market to your customers are identifiable with your brand, we are particularly careful to offer our resellers a white label solution that really lives up to its name: it should be virtually impossible for your customers to trace the products that you resell back to your supplier, netcup GmbH.

To enjoy the benefits of our reseller programme, you will need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Status of trader as defined by German law
  • Guaranteed minimum reseller volume of 2,000 root server systems/year

Please contact us if you would like to receive further details of our reseller programme for root server solutions.

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