Root Server

  • combines advantages of dedicated and virtual server
  • dedicated resources (CPU und RAM)
  • snapshots, import and export of images
  • 99,9% guaranteed minimum availability
  • fast and secure hardware RAID
  • enterprise hardware from DELL and HPE
  • network card with 2.5 Gbps and much more ...
Hosttest 2022 Hosttest 2023 HSP-Award
RS 1000 G9.5
  • AMD EPYC™ 7702
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC)
  • 4 dedicated cores
  • 160 GB SSD
  • Remote console etc.
RS 2000 G9.5
  • AMD EPYC™ 7702
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC)
  • 6 dedicated cores
  • 320 GB SSD
  • Remote console etc.
RS 4000 G9.5
  • AMD EPYC™ 7702
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC)
  • 10 dedicated cores
  • 1 TB SSD
  • Remote console etc.
RS 8000 G9.5
  • AMD EPYC™ 7702
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC)
  • 14 dedicated cores
  • 2 TB SSD
  • Remote console etc.

Here you can find the Root Server FAQs

Advantages of our root servers

Our root servers combine the advantages of virtual and dedicated servers. Despite virtualization the root servers provide guaranteed AMD EPYC™ 7702 CPU cores and fast DDR4 main memory (RAM). You will receive an access to the SSD hard drives via fast hardware RAID. The management of the root server is simple to operate as the virtual server. For example you can make snapshots, import and export images and much more.


Our satisfaction guarantee

Before you enter into a contract with us, we would like that you are satisfied with our root server products. If you should be unsatisfied with your root server within 30 days of placing your order, you can cancel your order and will receive the basic fee paid (price per month x billing period) reimbursed in full.

netcup SCP App

The netcup SCP app offers you the possibility to access your root servers, virtual servers and storages any time, anywhere. Besides statistics and protocols, the app provides a general overview and control of your servers. The netcup SCP app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Download now.
netcup SCP App

Do you have Linux skills and want to manage your web space or server yourself, customising them to suit your needs? If so, our root server or vServer (VPS) are the solution you are looking for!

We can offer you a powerful, KVM-based root server with guaranteed levels of RAM and CPU resources. Thanks to KVM, our root server / vServer (VPS) solutions offer all the functionality of a dedicated server. Other features, such the possibility of creating snapshots or managing the server remotely via a VNC console, offer you a wide range of deployment options. Since brand-name hardware is used as standard, combined with redundant uplinks and a redundant power supply, our root server / vServer (VPS) solutions offer optimum availability for professional hosting requirements.
Decide for yourself which operating system and management system you wish to use deploy to your root server. With access via SSH and browser-based VNC, you can configure server services to suit your needs and install the software that you require. Our SCP (Server Control Panel) software lets you issue start, stop and reboot commands, and restore images. The SCP also provides you with comprehensive traffic statistics, the option of inserting a CD-ROM or DVD, and the ability to create snapshots from the hard disks used by your root server. The SCP hugely simplifies the task of managing your root server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my existing root server from Generation 9 to Generation 9.5?
Yes, it is possible to upgrade an existing root server to Generation 9.5.
How does Generation 9 differ from Generation G9.5?
Generation 9.5 root servers have more dedicated processor cores and, in some cases, more SSD storage. Due to the high demand for increased performance, we have decided to introduce the new Generation 9.5.
What are the minimum contract periods for Generation 9.5?
You can choose a contract period of 1 for the root server IV.
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