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Globe Standard SSL Certificate 12mon

GlobeSSL offers low-cost certificates with an automated issuing process that means they are ready to use in few minutes. GlobeSSL certificates are issued by the Globe Hosting certificate authority. All these certificates use domain validation. Only certain email addresses can be used to confirm these certificates.
Set-up fee 0 € (incl. 19% VAT)
Contract period 12 Months
Billing period 12 Months
Shipping charges none
Payment method
  • EC Icon Bank transfer
  • Überweisung Icon Direct debit
  • PayPal Icon PayPal
Browser-Akzeptanz: mittelmäßig
Domain Validation: JA
Inhaber / Organisation Validation Nein
Extended Validation: Nein
Wildcard: Nein
Anzahl schützbarer Domains: 1
Durchschnittliche Dauer der Ausstellung: 15 Minuten
Product details
Set-up fee 0 € (incl. 19% VAT)
Price per month 1.50 € (incl. 19% VAT)
Contract period 12 Months
Billing period 12 Months
Empfohlene Anwendungen
Private Website / Blog: JA
Geschäftliche Website / Shop: Nein
Interface mit kritischen Daten Nein
Interface mit hoch kritischen Daten: Nein
Internetauftritt mit vielen Sub-Domains: Nein
Geeignet für SFTP, IMAPS, SMTPS: Nein
Hoher Schutz gegen Phishing: Nein